What Happens on an Investigation

When TSI investigates your home or business, here are a few guidelines about what you can typically expect to happen:

  • Scheduling: Investigations typically take place on weekends (we have full-time jobs), from about 9pm to 5am. There is some flexibility with the start and end times, but we do not recommend having an investigation that lasts fewer than four hours.
  • Low Key: TSI Paranormal Investigations takes a very low-key approach to our investigations. We recognize that not everyone wants their neighbors to know that their home or business is being investigated for paranormal activity. Our vehicles are unmarked in that respect and will not indicate that there is a team of paranormal investigators in your home or business.
  • Set-up: Set-up of equipment is customized to the location and reports of activity. Not all equipment may necessarily be used. Access to at least one active electrical outlet is preferred, but not required. Note, however, that certain pieces of equipment require electricity and we will not be able to use them if electricity is not available.
  • Animals: Noisy animals – dogs, birds, some cats, etc. – must be removed from the location prior to an investigation. This is for evidence contamination issues.
  • Participation: We prefer that one person who has the authority to grant us permission to investigate the location be on site during the entire investigation. However, s/he will not participate in the investigation itself.
  • Lights on or off? We prefer to investigate with all lights turned off in the building in the areas in which we will be investigating. Why? Visit our FAQ page for the answer!
  • Report of Findings: A final report of our findings will be reviewed with the client in person. The turnaround time for the report varies according to the investigation, its complexity, and the amount of equipment that was used during the investigation that must be reviewed and compared with other sources used during the investigation.
  • Evidence: When we present you with potential evidence of paranormal activity, please note that every effort is made to ensure that what we have found cannot be explained by any other means. Recordings are compared with others from the exact same time to confirm or debunk the potential evidence. Even then, we will present any potential evidence to you for further clarification, if possible, before finally deciding if it is or is not paranormal in nature.