The Specter Inspectors (TSI) is a paranormal research and investigation group located in central New Jersey. Our mission is to help anyone who may be experiencing a ghost, haunting, or other paranormal activity in their home or place of business. Our primary approach is to “debunk” events (that is, find non-paranormal causes for what is presumed to be paranormal) and consider that which cannot be explained to be possible paranormal activity. Our goal is to find the truth, whether that truth is paranormal or not; we want to help you find answers. We use various equipment and methods to investigate and gather evidence, from a basic compass to night vision digital video cameras. (Please see our Equipment page for more details.) Our investigations are always done in a professional manner, with honesty and respect.

Where we investigate

Our investigations have primarily been in New Jersey. However, we have also traveled to eastern PA (including the Philadelphia, PA, area) and have investigations in the New York City area pending. If you are located in the eastern PA, New York City (Manhattan, Long Island, or Staten Island), or northeastern MD or DE areas – or, of course, almost anywhere in NJ – and think you may be experiencing paranormal activity in your business or home, we encourage you to contact us.

A little about the team

TSI paranormal investigators have included people with a wide variety of experiences and professional backgrounds, including photography, advertising, emergency services, travel, and retail management. Everyone brings their own, unique view to the team. Our different perspectives and life experiences help to give our team a wider scope of knowledge and approach to paranormal investigations. All of our investigators are from central New Jersey region, including Monmouth, Mercer, and Ocean counties. See the bottom of this page for some information about our individual team members. All of our investigators have passed a criminal background check.

What if your location is historic?

If you are concerned about having a paranormal investigation group in your home or business because it is historic, please note that we are very familiar working around historic artifacts and architecture. Most of the locations we have investigated have been historic and several date to the pre-Revolutionary War era. Just contact us and let us know your concerns. I am sure we will be able to find a way to help you!

There is never a charge for us to do an investigation.